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Culinary Learning Journeys

Another educational opportunity the ICAEF provides is our Culinary Learning Journeys. These journeys are provided not merely as an educational opportunity for caterers, but also to raise money for scholarships for deserving caterers to continue their education – so in effect, they are indeed our fund-raisers.

Traditionally held either once or twice per year, one journey is used to discover the culinary delights of various parts of the USA and the second journey tends to be an international journey with Europe, Canada and Asia being past and future destinations. Each Culinary Learning Journey tries to encompass the history of the location and the reason the cuisine in each location has developed as it has.

Each program presented is a unique experience exposing the attendee to local flavors, arts, foods and culture of that area. Most participants bring home hundreds of ideas that they can immediately incorporate into their catering businesses.

Please check back soon for recaps of our past Culinary Learning Journeys.


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